Certificate of Good Standing

Confirmation of the company's status from Companies House

A business entity which is either registered with or chartered by a government agency such as Companies House is said to be in good standing if it has filed and continued to file all appropriate paperwork with them and has paid all fees which are due for its charter or the renewal thereof. When a company is in good standing with Companies House, it may obtain a certificate of good standing which indicates this to be the case.

Should you wish to open a company bank account, the bank in question might require you to present a certificate of good standing from Companies House. Also, a corporation or other limited liability entity wishing to register in another country as a foreign corporation will, upon registration, have to provide that country with a copy of a certificate of good standing from its home jurisdiction.

What's included:

For a limited by shares company, the certificate will include the following information:

  • Date of Incorporation
  • List of Directors
  • Registered Office Address
  • States that the company is up to date with its filing requirements.

Certificate of Good Standing (Normal Service)

Confirmation of the company's status from Companies House. Normal Service generally takes about 8-10 working days to come through from Companies House.


Certificate of Good Standing Apostille (Normal)

Normal service generally takes 14 – 16 working days to come back from FCO. We send and receive the documents by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Your Certificate of Good Standing as above, certified by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). This means the documents can be accepted for legal use in 80 nations.


Need Apostilled Documents too?

Our bundle services are an ideal and cost effective solution if you need apostilled documents as well as a Certificate of Good Standing Apostille.

Apostille Documents & Certificate of Good Standing Apostille Bundle (Normal)

Apostilled Documents & Certificate of Good Standing Apostille - 2 products combined in a single package for a special price. The documents generally take 14-16 working days to reach our office and will be posted onto you via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.


Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing FAQs

What is the Certificate of Good Standing?

A Certificate of Good Standing is an official document that confirms a company has met all of its filing obligations with Companies House, the UK registrar of companies, such as the confirmation statement and annual accounts. The purpose of the Certificate of Good Standing is to demonstrate (to potential customers, partners and investors) that a company is fully operational, compliant and legitimate - in short, in good standing.

How does the service work?

The Certificate of Good Standing is ordered at Companies House and then delivered to us. We will email you a scanned copy of the certificate before sending the original to you via Special Delivery. If you use the Apostille Service, we will arrange for the certificate to be certified by a solicitor and then sent off to the Foreign Commonwealth Office to be apostilled - we will then email you a scanned copy of the certificate before sending the original to you via Special Delivery. Should you require the certificate (apostilled or not) to be sent to you by courier service, we can also arrange this for an extra charge.

What information do I need to provide?

Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email requesting that you confirm the delivery address for the certificate. If using the Apostille Service, you will also need to confirm the country where you intend to use the certificate.

What does Good Standing mean?

A business is in good standing if it has filed all the necessary paperwork required by Companies House (such as annual accounts and confirmation statements), made all necessary payments and has a director and shareholder appointment in place.

Why is it important to be in Good Standing?

This helps when you open a bank account or try to obtain finance. By keeping your company in good standing you protect the directors from any personal liability for actions of the company.

How do I show my company is in Good Standing?

By purchasing a Certificate of Good Standing. The certificate will show that your business is in good standing in according with Companies House.

What information is on the Certificate of Good Standing?

Apart from the standard information which includes the Company Name, Company Number and the Date of Incorporation, we also include the following:

  • Name of Directors
  • Registered Office
  • The first company objective

Can you send my Certificate to someone else?

Yes. We can send your certificate to an individual, bank or business. Simply provide your instructions via email.

What does 'apostille' mean?

The word 'apostille' is a French word which means 'certification'. It is commonly used in English to refer to the legalization of an official document.

Do I need to get my Certificate apostilled?

We advise that you check with the organisation that you’re dealing with as to whether they require the certificate to be apostilled. Under the 1961 Hague Convention, documents which have been certified by a solicitor and then certified with a conformant apostille are accepted for legal and international use in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention.

Will an apostilled document be accepted by any country?

There are currently 80 nations who recognise an apostille certificate. You can find a list of these nations here. Unfortunately we are unable to advise whether an apostille certificate will be accepted in countries that are not members.

Will the original copy of the Certificate be apostilled?


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