Register a business name

How do I register a business name with Companies House?

  • Register a business name in 4 simple steps
  • Once a limited company is formed it automatically appears on the Companies House register
  • We offer five company formation packages from the ‘Basic’ package up to the ‘Ultimate’ package
  • You can register a business name and then start trading or you can leave the company as dormant
  • Register a business name in as little as three hours

Forming a UK limited company has never been simpler. Quick and simple online forms have completely eradicated the need for paper and in turn signatures from the company formation process. This means that you can register a business name from anywhere in the world in just three hours. Here’s how:

Find out if the company name that you want to register is available

Our company name search will tell you if your proposed limited company name is available in a matter of seconds.

Select the company formation package that’s right for you

We provide five UK limited company formation packages; Basic, Printed, Privacy, Comprehensive and Ultimate with each offering different levels of service but all resulting in a limited company that’s ready to start trading.

Make payment

If you are an existing customer simply log in, if you’re a new customer sign up. Either way it takes just a few seconds. Then complete the purchase using the payment method that’s convenient to you, PayPal included.

Provide your company information

This includes:

  • The Registered Office Address
    This is the official address for your limited company and where Companies House and HMRC will send all mailed correspondence. The address can be any UK address that you have permission to use, residential address included. However, it’s worth noting that this address is on the public register so some people choose not to use their home address.
  • Your Director Information
    The director is the person or people tasked with the running of the company. Another company can also be the director (although there must be at least one human director). To appoint someone as a director, we require their; name, date of birth, nationality, occupation, eye colour, phone number, town of birth, service address (official address for the director) and residential address.
  • Your Shareholder Information
    The shareholders is the person or people who actually own the company. Shareholders can be directors too. To appoint someone as a shareholder, we require their; name, eye colour, phone number, town of birth and address. We also need to know how many shares the shareholder will be holding and the value of these shares.
  • Your Secretary Information (optional appointment)
    If you choose to appoint a secretary, we require their; name, eye colour, phone number, town of birth and address.
  • Your Memorandum and Articles
    These are the documents that set out how the limited company will be run. We have drawn up a version of these that suit the majority of limited companies - these are automatically uploaded. You are welcome to upload your own Memorandum and Articles if you wish.

That’s it, all the information that’s required to register a business name in the UK.

Register a business name now

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